Julie Romania’s Santorini Wedding!

Julie Romania recently got married and shared her wedding experience in a beautiful article that is available at  http://imaginativeevents.com.au/wedding/destination-weddings-santorini. Spicy Bites was delighted to offer its services to this beautiful wedding. Julie in her article mentions that «the choice of utilising the service of Spicy Bites was the best choice we could have ever made. They were so accommodating to our needs and especially being able to set up, after our ceremony, a beautiful dining reception experience.  The food and Open Bar was a highlight of the evening, the amount of stairs they had to climb up and down to create our wedding dinner was truly a testament to their catering business».

We would sincerely like to thank Julie for her kind words that encourage us all in Spicy Bites to create and offer memorable wedding experiences through our food and services!

The fireworks from Julie Romania’s wedding in Santorini!

The fireworks from Julie Romania’s wedding in Santorini!

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