Types of people who get married in Santorini

Santorini has been a wedding destination for couples from around the world, and this is something the Spicy Bites team knows firsthand. After all the years, we have discussed, designed and shared memories with hundreds of couples, we realized that there are four types of people/ couples who select Santorini as the ideal setting for their wedding.

Types of people who get married in Santorini. The Romantics

The Romantics

This is kind of obvious, when we are talking about the place with the most romantic sunset around the world. Everything in Santorini is romantic –the landscape, the facilities, the volcano, the sky and the sea. We have met multiple cases where couples that never have been in Santorini before, select it as the perfect place to celebrate their love, based on the thousands of images, videos and testimonials around the internet. Usually, these couples are really in love, they are holding hands throughout our meetings and they take almost every decision together.

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The Perfectionists

There are people that accept nothing but the best in their everyday life, because they know they deserve nothing less. When these kind of people decide to get married, they maintain- of course- the exact same mentality. A local church or the city hall cannot be an option, it is too common, too small for them that dream big and act big. The perfectionists choose Santorini because the island is what they want it to be: perfect. And when they come to us to discuss the details, they don’t bargain or negotiate, they know what they want and they get it. Usually one of them is the A-type personality and the other less “noisy”, but they have achieved the balance that separates successful marriages from the others.

Types of people who get married in Santorini.

The “Criminals”

As the saying goes, the criminal always returns to the crime scene, and so do the couples that met and fell in love in Santorini: they come back to retrace their story and seal it at the exact same place. These couples have elements of the romantics- in fact they are truly romantic souls- but with a twist of fun, as they come back usually in a party mode, bringing along friends and plan a celebration that lasts more than just one day.

Types of people who get married in Santorini. The Forward Thinkers

The Forward Thinkers

Their way of thinking sounds too practical- even cynical one might say- but in fact it is far from it. These couples select Santorini as the setting to their wedding photos that they plan to prominently place around their homes and look at for a long time. If you wanted to take a picture of yourself that then would frame and place over the fireplace, wouldn’t you give extra attention to the location? It is the exact same thing, plus the eternal love.


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